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Welcome to the SportNation Virtual Football page. If you want to learn about the other Virtual Sports that you can bet on at SportNation then click one of the sections below. However, if you want to learn about Virtual Football from SportNation then read on!

SportNation are an incredibly ambitious operator who are working hard to achieve world domination in the extremely competitive Sportsbook arena. Having formed in 2017 SportNation offers state of the art games across its entire portfolio. Unlike other Sportsbooks they also promise to reward every bet that is placed by their customers. Such is the impact that SportsNation have had in the virtual sports vertical that they are now owned by the giant ESports Entertainment Group, the first online gambling company to trade on the US NASDAQ Exchange.

SportNation has an operating licence in the UK. This means that SportNation is completely legal to deposit and play at, and that your money is secure should anything ever go wrong.

SportNation offers online poker, casino, bingo and of course sports betting.

Lets have a look at the Virtual Sports that you can place bets on at SportNation.

Virtual Sports Available

Virtual Football

Just like real Football, you can place bets on Virtual Football at SportNation.

The SportNation Virtual Football vertical is a bit of an unusual one. Unlike the other Virtual sports offered by SportNation (which are all amazing), the Virtual Football offering is sadly lacking when you compare it to other bookmakers who have Virtual Football (such as the excellent Unibet Virtual Football).

This is a shame as its general weakness is going to mean that it will prove about as popular as a ginger haired stepchild when players decide which bookmaker to place their bets at.

Types of Bet

Whilst the action (more of which further down the page) is on a par with any other Virtual Football Match, the range of betting is pretty limited.
There are only 4 matches at any one time, and these are set into a European style Tournament. Image rights would appear not to have been sorted as you will find yourself watching matches like London v Munich or Barcelona v Glasgow – small touches I know, but enough to already make you wonder about the veracity of what you are betting on.
In terms of actually betting, the markets are pretty limited. You can only bet on the outright win, halftime/full time, number of goals and the correct score. All of these are only available as Single bets.
However, you can add some more complex bets as although you can only bet on the above markets, you can (if you are quick enough – these games come along thick and fast!) place bets on all four games. This allows you to place accumulators and the like.
So, although the number of markets is pretty limited, there’s plenty of scope to bet.

Placing a Bet

Placing a bet with SportNation is simple. All you have to do is identify the bet that you want to make from the markets available. For example, if you want to bet on a correct score, simply navigate to the “Score” tab, find the score you want and click on it. This will populate the bet slip. Type in your wager amount and confirm it to place the bet. All bets on an individual match are placed as Singles only, but you can add bets from other matches too.


When the matches start (and they all start and finish at the same time) the animated gameplay begins. its OK, just like watching an older version of FIFA, but it does the job and the match commentary (from no less than Tony Gubbah I think!) is ace. The matches themselves are shown as a “highlights reel” meaning that you dont have to sit through 90 minutes of action. All that is shown is the main action points. Stats are displayed at half time and a full time (although I dont know why, as you cant bet in play, so the half time stats are meaningless and the post match stats….also meaningless).

In conclusion, the Virtual Football section of SportNation is the weakest of its Virtual Sports which is a shame, as the others are truly World Class. Don’t take my word for it though -go and have a look for yourself.

Bet on Virtual Football
The SportNation main football action screen. The graphics are competent enough andwouldn't be out of place on a console game. Additional commentary on the match helps to make it more involving.
Bet on Virtual Football
The odds are under the main Action screen. Compared to other Virtual Football games, the range of markets is somewhat limited.
bet on Virtual Football
Placing a bet is simple. Just choose your market and select your predicted outcome. The bet lip will automatically populate it for you. When you have finished your selections, type in the amount that you want to bet and confirm.