Sport Nation – Virtual Cycling

Welcome to the SportNation Virtual Cycling page. If you want to learn about the other Virtual Sports that you can bet on at SportNation then click one of the sections below. However, if you want to learn about Virtual Cycling from SportNation then read on!

SportNation are an incredibly ambitious operator who are working hard to achieve world domination in the extremely competitive Sportsbook arena. Having formed in 2017 SportNation offers state of the art games across its entire portfolio. Unlike other Sportsbooks they also promise to reward every bet that is placed by their customers. Such is the impact that SportsNation have had in the virtual sports vertical that they are now owned by the giant ESports Entertainment Group, the first online gambling company to trade on the US NASDAQ Exchange.

SportNation has an operating licence in the UK. This means that SportNation is completely legal to deposit and play at, and that your money is secure should anything ever go wrong.

SportNation offers online poker, casino, bingo and of course sports betting.

Lets have a look at the Virtual Sports that you can place bets on at SportNation.

Virtual Sports Available

Virtual Cycling

Just like real Cycling, you can place bets on Virtual Cycling at SportNation.

The range of Betting options is fairly comprehensive at SportNation when you compare it to Real cycling.

Everything is clearly laid out, with nice large icons showing the riders colours and number, and unlike most other offerings you can instantly see the previous form of the rider over their last five races.

Even better, there is an “info” button next to each cyclist. Pressing this opens up a lovely little window which has more details on him. These include his age and a summary of its last twenty runs. There’s even a beautifully rendered image. its a really nice details and makes the betting aspect even more realistic.

Placing a Bet

Placing a bet here is really simple. All the odds are laid out clearly and its intuitive to click on the bet that you want to place. The odds are initially displayed in decimal, but this can easily be changed to fractional (or even American!) by clicking the icon at the top right of the main Action area.

The action takes place inside the Telford Velodrome (there’s no such place obviously!) and the actual quality of the action is really good. The screen is clear and the animation smooth. All the competitors move around the track realistically, weaving in and out of each other and occasionally riding high on the banked corners to change positions.

At the bottom of the screen are a series of coloured markers that show the position of the racers. This makes it easy to follow the action, as does the in play live commentary which is a great touch.

To place your bet, simply select your preferred rider by clicking on their odds. This opens up the betting slip. Type in your wager and then submit the bet into the system. Its as easy as that.

Types of Bet

If you are only betting on one rider then then you can select either a Win bet, a Place bet or an Each Way bet. Just click the corresponding button under the correct heading and it will populate the betslip for you.
Selecting a second rider will also give you a second Win, Place or Each Way bet. If you want to place a Forecast of even a Tricast, then just click the tab below the main action screen and you can then pick your two (or three) riders from there.
SportNation also give you the opportunity to “mix and match” your bets across all of its Virtual Sports apart from football. This gives you the opportunity to build complex bets across Horse Racing, Cycling, Speedway and Greyhound Racing if you want to.
All in all SportNation has a fantastic Virtual Sports offering that is really immersive and fun to play. the graphics, atmosphere and ease of use really help make this one of the best Virtual Sports betting operations available and you could do far worse than signing up to SportNation. Go on – give it a go.
Bet on Virtual Cycling
The SportNation main Action screen. Check out the absolutely stunning graphics, with little details like the shadows and camera angles making this a truly realistic and immersive experience.
Bet on Virtual Cycling
The Odds page is beautiful. Clearly laid out icons let you know the odds, whilst extra details like the riders colours and age amongst others really help you to get a proper feel for the riders.
Betting couldnt be simpler.Choose your rider or riders, select your bet and the betslip will populate. Selecting more riders in different races opens up more complex betting opportunities.