Mr Green – Virtual Tennis

Welcome to the Mr Green Virtual Tennis page. If you want to learn about the other Virtual Sports that you can bet on at Mr Green then click one of the sections below. However, if you want to learn about Virtual Tennis from Mr Green then read on!

The rise of Mr Green to be one of the worlds most sucessful online Casinos is quite stunning. Formed by two of the founders of Swedish gaming giants Betsson in 2008 Mr Green has gone on to win a whole host of industry awards for its excellence across the brand. So much so that in January 2019 it was bought by William Hill, bringing together an innovative brand and a historically famous bookmakers

Mr Green has a UK operating licence. This means that Mr Green completely legal to deposit and play at, and that your money is secure should anything ever go wrong.

Mr Green offers online poker, casino, bingo and of course sports betting.

Lets have a look at the Virtual Sports that you can place bets on at Mr Green

Virtual Sports Available

Virtual Tennis

Tennis is the third most popular sport to bet on after Football and Horseracing. This is mainly because there is always a binary outcome – the Tennis player either wins or loses. As there are no draws in Tennis, the risk to the person placing the bet is reduced when betting on outrights.

Virtual Tennis is no different, and is so visually stunning that if you were just glancing at the screen you would swear it was a real life match. Multiple camera angles, crowd noises and sound effects really bring this Virtual game to life.

Types of bets

Mr Green has a lot of markets that you can bet on and they are all shown under the main action screen. There are four separate tabs that you can click on to see the markets, but its simpler just to stay on the main “All Bets” part of the screen.

All of the markets are available here, an can be expanded by clicking the arrow next to the market.

I noticed that the odds markets will grey out when a market becomes unavailable – for example the “win to love” option will grey out when both players get a point. This is quite a nice touch as it keeps the screen clear so that you can see what is available to bet on.

Apart from obvious markets like the Win Market, you can bet on things like total number of points, correct set score, individual game winner and individual set winner. There’s plenty of options so you wont be left short.

Placing a Bet

Placing a bet is simple. All you have to do is choose your market, type in the amount that you want to bet and click on the big “Place Bet” button.

To the right of the main Actions Screen is an area showing you the other matches that are being played at the same time. Clicking on one of these will take you to that match instead.

Because the format of the betslip is different to the other Virtual Sports available at Mr Green, its not immediately apparent if you can place bets on more that one match at the same time. I suspect that it is possible if you are just betting on Tennis, but think it is unlikely that you would be able to combine your bets with other sports.

I dont know this for certain though, but as the Tennis betslip is different in appearance than the other betslips used for the other Virtual Sports it would stand to reason that a cross platform issue would not allow the two different betslips to “talk” to each other.

Bet on Virtual Tennis
The Mr Green main Action screen. Check out the absolutely stunning graphics, with little details like the shadows and camera angles making this a truly realistic and immersive experience. Crowd noises, linesman calls and even player grunts when they serve or return a shot also add to the atmosphere.
Bet on Virtual Tennis
The tennis odds page is under the main playing area. There are plenty of markets available to bet on, and the available ones at any time are highlighted.
Bet on Virtual Tennis
Betting couldnt be easier. Simply choose which market you want to wager on and click it. The betslip opens up under that particular market. Enter the amout you want to place and clock the Yellow "Place Bet" button and you're done.