Genting Bet – Virtual Horse Racing

Welcome to the Genting Bet Virtual Horseracing page. If you want to learn about the other Virtual Sports that you can bet on at Genting Bet then click one of the sections below. However, if you want to learn about Virtual Horseracing from Genting Bet then read on!

Its quite possible that you have never heard of Genting Bet, but they are one of the largest Casino Operators in the world, with a market capitalisation of over $33Billion!The have been operating casinos all over the world for over 50 years, and now have a fantastic Online offering as well. Genting Bet has a UK operating licence. This means that Genting Bet is completely legal to deposit and play at, and that your money is secure should anything ever go wrong.

Genting Bet offers online poker, casino, bingo and of course sports betting.

Lets have a look at the Virtual Sports that you can place bets on at Genting Bet.


Virtual Sports Available

Virtual Horseracing

Just like real Horseracing, you can place bets on Virtual Racing at Genting Bet.

The range of Betting options is incredibly comprehensive at Genting Bet when you compare it to Real Horseracing. However, finding your way around how to actually place a bet took me about 40 minutes plus a visit to the Live Help lady, who whilst very nice, didnt know the answer either. Luckily you have me here to guide you through the maze. And you’ll be glad I did.

Placing a Bet

When you first get to the odds, its a pretty no-frills affair. There is no option to see any race stats. No previous form or the age of the horse. You don’t even get to know the name of the owner or jockey. You don’t even know how far the horses are racing! This make it hard to really place a bet as you are only going on what the odds are.

This is a shame really, as the actual quality of the action is OUTSTANDING. Its easily the best Virtual Horse Racing I’ve ever seen, and even has a commentator. The action is very realistic and could easily be mistaken for Real Horse Racing if you were just walking past the screen.

Now, don’t think I’m being all Negative Nancy about all this. Whilst the information about your bet is limited (read:non existent), placing a bet makes everything a lot more interesting.

Types of Bet

As mentioned above, at the moment, if you are betting on a single horse, you can only bet on the Outright Winner.

To do this, select your horse. This will open up the bet Slip and *this* is where the action  is.

Selecting a second horse in the race will then open up the options that we are used to (but were hitherto hidden away).  Suddenly we now have the option of both a Forecast and a Reverse Forecast option. Adding a third horse will open up Tricasts and Combination Tricasts.

If you select horses from different races then a similar thing happens. Instead of being offered a Win Only bet on one horse, the bet slip will offer up the joys of placing Yankees, Lucky 15s and more.

If you’re feeling especially saucy you can even combine different sports – fancy Dog #1 winning the 3.15, Stuart Small to win the cycling and Belgium to draw against England in the Virtual Football? Go ahead and place the bet. Genting Bet will even let you place a Trixie on it (three doubles and a treble).

Bottom line is that Genting Bet is an excellent place to bet on Virtual Sports. The navigation needs to be more intuitive, but once you’ve got your head around it, the place cant be faulted. Give it a go.

Bet on Virtual Horse Racing
The Genting Bet main racing screen. Beautiful animation and multiple camera angles make it a joy to watch. The addition of a real commentator, and the moving in running visuals at the bottom of the screen keep you hooked until the end of the race.
The odds page is sparse with no previous history or usual stats that you would expect like the horses age, trainer or rider...
Bet on Virtual Horse Racing
...until you select a horse. Suddenly the bet slip opens up and allows you to place a multitude of different bets that were not initially available to you. Mastering the bet slip suddenly makes Genting Bet a far better Virtual Racing offer than you would think.